Our operations are organized into three segments: Gathering and Processing, Transmission, and Terminals.

Gathering and Processing

Our Gathering and Processing segment provides “wellhead-to-market” services to producers of natural gas and oil, which includes transporting natural gas and oil from various receipt points through gathering systems, treating the natural gas, processing natural gas to separate the NGLs from the natural gas, fractionating NGLs, and selling or delivering pipeline-quality natural gas as well as NGLs to various markets and pipeline systems.


Our Transmission segment transports and delivers natural gas from producing wells, receipt points or pipeline interconnects for shippers and other customers, which include LDCs, utilities and industrial, commercial and power generation customers.


Our Terminals segment provides above-ground storage services at our marine terminals. The storage services support various commercial customers – including commodities brokers, refiners, and chemical manufacturers – to store products that range from crude oil and bunker fuel to distillates, chemicals, and agricultural products.