Harvey Terminal Operations

The Harvey Terminal site consists of approximately 535,000 barrels of storage capacity ranging in size from 950 to 50,000 barrels. The terminal is outfitted to serve a wide variety of petroleum and chemical products, and it is located on 56 acres on the west bank of the Mississippi River at mile marker 98.1 in the Port of New Orleans. Harvey is a full-service storage site, providing rail, truck, barge, and deep-water service. When fully developed, it will have the potential to provide more than 2 million barrels of storage capacity.

At the Harvey Terminal, we offer product transfers via ship, barge, railcar, and/or tank trucks. The product is transferred to the leased storage tanks via the terminal’s segregated pipeline systems that run from the storage tanks to the dock, rail racks, and truck racks. The customer’s product is shipped from storage at our terminal by ship, barge, railcar, and/or tank trucks.

Blackwater Harvey

1805 Fourth St.
Harvey, LA 70058
(504) 340-3000

Sales Assistance

Ed Greene
VP Gathering, Processing and Terminals
(349) 241-3440

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