The High Point system consists of approximately 650 miles of natural gas and liquids pipeline assets located in southeast Louisiana and the shallow-water and deep-shelf Gulf of Mexico. The High Point system transports natural gas from both onshore and offshore producing regions around southeast Louisiana. The onshore footprint is located in southern Louisiana and the offshore footprint consists of the following federal Gulf of Mexico zones: Mississippi Canyon, Viosca Knoll, West Delta, Main Pass, South Pass, and Breton Sound. Natural gas is collected at more than 75 receipt points that connect to hundreds of wells targeting various geological zones in water depths up to 1,000 feet, with an emphasis on oil- and liquids-rich reservoirs.

The High Point System is comprised of FERC-regulated transmission assets and non-jurisdictional gathering assets, both of which accept natural gas from well production and interconnected pipeline systems. The High Point System delivers the natural gas to the Toca Gas Processing Plant, operated by Enterprise, where the products are processed and the residue gas is sent to an unaffiliated interstate system owned by Kinder Morgan.